tu and th 1:50 s flex time for on hour.  (Lunches are only 1/2 hour)
tu 10am is flex time 

P9 swims: Wednesdays 4pm to 5pm

combined schedule 2016:

Mo                           We                  Th
10a=GB202(jan11)*            11a=ECEgb120        ???? moved to aft? 9a =APSgb204
11a=ECElm159(jan4)           12 =APSba2145       11a=ECEgb248
12n=ECE office hour                              12n=ECE office hour
3p =ECE                      4p =APSba3008        1p=APSGB204
*mo2016mar28: ddebow 10am

total weekly sched, massing model:

mo 10a-6p
we 11-2 and 4-6
???th 9-12
mo2016jan11: 10am GB204, APS112 team meeting, Tutorials start this week.
APS112, total of 3, pick 2
wed two tutorials
+*12-2 aps112 bahen2145, ok to be 10min late, have to eat lunch in tuturial.
+*4-6 another aps112 tutorial ba3008.
????+**9-11 gb204.
ECE516H1S 2016:
LEC0101	   Mon 11am LM159 starting 2016jan04
LEC0101	   Wed 11am GB120 starting 2016jan06
LEC0101	   Thu 11am GB248 starting 2016jan07
PRA0101	   Mon 3pm BA3155 and 3165 
APS112 2015: SF3201L closet=1028, box=377