Archival of selected WearCam "previous experiences"

Excerpts from live wearable wireless video webcast, often being transmitted at 30 frames per second (FPS), but sometimes also transmitted at lower frame rates. In the case of 30 FPS frame rate, sample frames from the video webcast were available at various sampling rates, to be picked up by recipients, depending on the speed of their data connection.

These CyborgLogs are logfiles of selected wireless live web transmissions from Wearable Wireless Webcam. Sort of like a personal diary (including pictures) but a personal diary that anyone can see.

East Campus fire: hot fire concludes Cool Site of the Day

Lunch with HP visitors (Paul and John) (approx. 99k; transmitter not working too well that day)

A visitor to the lab (Hart, after seeing Aaron) (approx. 130k)

Sean D. Tucker (images and text description, approx. 900k total)

Vismod bike trip (monochrome)

ICCV Media Lab openhouse

Discovery Channel, Fri Jun 30 23:31:53 EDT

Sensormatic visit to lab, Mon Oct 2 12:59:58 EDT 1995

Things versus stuff debates

Media Lab's 10th anniversary "A day in the life of cyberspace" in cyberspace

Kent's visit to lab

M/A-Com's visit with a really cool 24GHz antenna array

Scientific American

Christmas with family, December 25, 1995

Boston's New Year's eve First Night 1995 (to 1996) If you don't mind waiting a while, you can load the entire set of raw images.

WBZ channel 4 "News at 6"

Adam Oranchak's "Wearable Computing" lecture at MIT Media Lab

Thad Starner's "Twiddler (tm) Forever" talk at "VisBiz" meeting

Newsworthy event: what's happening with the MIT ID card in the infinite corridor

NBC visit (first day) and second day

President of PGI (Phoenix Group, Inc.) showing me ``hummingbird'' computer

Dinner with Randall and Jim, and Jim's place

ceb's cvm lab in building 20

Robotics and Electronics Collective (REC) cleanout of Edgerton's old transformers

Documentary film maker (friend of Josh Wachman)

Mark Shackleton (from BT) visiting MIT (visit to Edgerton Center)

Arthur Elsenaar and Remko Scha (visit to MIT Media Lab)

Visit to Stephen M. Kosslyn's lab (my visit to HARVARD; 1996 Mar. 15, etc.)

Version of above for use by PARADE (my visit to HARVARD; 1996 Mar. 15, etc.)

WB2ZPI's visit (from CQ VHF). voice QSO made on 147.585MHz; ATV QSO made on 439.25MHz

Computers, Freedom, and Privacy (CFP96)

Visit to San Jose, 1996 April 14, 15

SVT (Swedish television)

london sunday express

Visit to Mass College of Art (Invited lecture to Julia Scher's class)

Visit from DEC CRL

Richard Mann's invited talk at MIT Brain and Cognitive Sciences Department

1996 Discover Awards at Disney, Epcott

Invited talk (panel discussion) at MIT Alumin Reunion 1996 (Sat. June 8)

David Brin's visit to MIT (talk in Bartos Theatre, MIT Media Lab)

Georgia Tech Visitors

Alan Alda (SciAm)

MIT Entrepreneurs Salon event

Visit to East Hampton

National geographic

Edgerton House flood, approx. 11am Sunday morning, Oct. 20, 1996

ghomsy's party, sat. feb 15

Rebecca's Cafe sometime around Mar. 21

Ars Electronica (my invited plenary lecture 1997sep10+performance sep8-12)

Interview with Dana Arnett of VSA partners (NBC crew)

CTV interview; Sun Aug 10 1998

Presentation of "Theoretical Aspects of Humanistic Intellingece..." (invited talk at ISEA98) by Vicarious Visual Soliloquy, from WearCam, Mon Sep 7 04:58:58 EDT 1998

visit to dr. simon haykin's house, december 1999