Steve Mann

An option I offer to beginners is something I call "meta mentorship" (mentorship of mentors).

Meta mentorship is something I started at MIT in the 1990s, and brought to Stanford and Toronto.

The way it works is we pair up a 1st year student with a 3rd year student, and I mentor the two of you together.

The 3rd year student still remembers what it's like to be a frosh, and the two of you are still not too different in age. Having a peer, approximately your age, as a mentor, will accelerate learning tremendously.

If you can find an experienced 3rd year student who's really good at making things and hackathons, etc., who you get along well with, I'd be happy to mentor that person to mentor you. The benefit to that person is that the person gets top mentorship at teaching. Then I can meet with the 2 of you every once in a while, to guide the process overall, and you can meet and work with your mentor regularly.

Try to find a 3rd year student who is where you want to be in 2 years. Feel free to email introduce me to one or more potential 3rd year students, and I'll be happy to evaluate them as potential mentors.