glynx (graphical lynx)

After having tried many different www browsers (Netscrape, Exploder, Mosaic, etc.), at appears that lynx remains the most user-friendly.

The use of single keystrokes, and the easy way of navigating around in a document are the strongpoints of lynx.

Thus the goal of the glynx project is to combine the graphical capabilities of gzilla (freeware) or konqueror with the ease of use of lynx.

glynx keystrokes (commands)

               ?              - Display the file you're reading now

               Up arrow       - Highlight previous hyperlink or go backwards,up
               Down arrow     - Highlight next hyperlink or go forwards,down
               Right arrow,   - Follow highlighted hyperlink
               Return, Enter  - Same as right arrow
               Left arrow     - Go back to previous link (like "Back" button)

               f              - Forward button (works as in Netscape)

               space          - Scroll down to next page, like in "more"
               b              - Scroll up to previous page, like in "more"
	       d	      -	Download file from selected link
               a              - Add the current link to your bookmark file
               c              - Send a comment to the document owner 
               d              - Download the current link
               g              - Goto a user specified URL;
                                when you press g, cursor goes to URL line at
                                top of window.  when done, press return to
                                go to specified URL and also bring cursor back
                                to main window.
	       i 	      - Show an index of documents
	       j	      - Execute a jump operation
	       k	      - Show a list of key mappings
               m              - Return to main screen
               o              - Set your options
               p              - Print to a file, mail, printers, or other
               q              - Quit
               /              - Search for a string within the current document
               s              - Enter a search string for an external search
               n              - Go to the next search string

               a              - Add the current link to your bookmark file
               v              - View your bookmark file
               r              - Remove selected bookmark entry

               z              - Cancel transfer in progress
               [backspace]    - Go to the history page
               =              - Show file and link info
               \              - Toggle document source/rendered view
	       !	      - Spawn your default shell
               CTRL-R         - Reload current file and refresh the screen
               CTRL-W         - Refresh the screen
               CTRL-U         - Erase input line
               CTRL-G         - Cancel input or transfer
You can download the current embodiment which is a hacked version of konqueror.