Creating a /dev/prolite Device on Linux

Creating the device is as simple as figuring out what serial port you've got the sign hooked up to. For instance, COM1:

    # ln -s /dev/cua0 /dev/prolite

If you are brave, you can give the world read/write access to your sign. This may be important, especially if you are using a web server to update the sign.

    # chmod a+rw /dev/prolite

Configuring the Communication Settings

Commands can be echo'd to the ProLite once the terminal is properly configured (9600,N,8,1):

    $ stty 0:705:bd:0:3:1c:7f:15:4:0:1:0:11:13:1a:0:12:f:17:16:0:0:73 < /dev/prolite
    $ echo "<ID01><PA>Your Message Here" > /dev/prolite
This is the same as $ stty opost -ocrnl onlcr < /dev/prolite

Binary Access to the Device

If you are intent on sending the Control-M Control-J terminators yourself, the serial port will accomodate that as well (9600,N,8,1):

    $ stty 0:700:bd:0:3:1c:7f:15:4:0:1:0:11:13:1a:0:12:f:17:16:0:0:73 < /dev/prolite
This is the same as $ stty -opost -ocrnl -onlcr < /dev/prolite

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