good examples of quiz questions

  • what was word size of world's first microprocessor
  • is there an opcode for LDA on the 6502 microprocessor, and if so, what was the opcode?
    LDA by itself does not have an opcode. the following have opcodes: and these opcodes are different!!!
    it is important to remember that the mnemonic only has meaning in the context of what follows it.

    one group referred to LEDs as "bulbs".

    does everyone realize that LEDs are diodes (e.g. only light up when correct polarity?

    TTL can sink more than it can source, therefore reference to +5 rather than ground. (Many groups still connecting to common ground.)

    invert in the calling program.

    last year's quiz takeup

    purpose of quiz (open book) is to measure what's known of lecture material, ability to absorb, apply, etc..


    • name and student number (+1 to mark)
    • a hexadecimal loader converts hexadecimal (easier to enter) into binary (required for being understood by computer).
    • on the 6502 microprocessor, the mnemonic STA assembles to various opcodes depending on context, e.g. STA $30 is opcode 85 versus STA $0300 which is opcode 8D, etc...
    • program1:
      $200 A5 40      =   LDA $40
      $202 85 41      =   STA $41
      $200 AD 00 03   =   LDA $0300
      $203 8D 01 03   =   STA $0301
    • second line of the program start where next byte has space, depending on zeropage versus absolute addressing.