Set not in some distant unrealized world but in the present, 'Cyberman' follows the experiences of Steve Mann, inventor, activist and cyborg.

He sports sunglasses equipped with information-reception devices. Laser-powered cameras imprint images on his eyeballs. On his body, he wears computers and recording devices. His objective: to share his visions in a way that the audience not just sees his world but also experiences it with him. To be me, not see me, is his mantra.

Mann journeys through a surreal electronic landscape as he observes and sometimes confronts a dissonant, sexist and sometimes violent world. Filmed in New York, Toronto and on a mysterious island on Canada's vast inland sea, Georgian Bay, "Cyberman" explores the mind-altering, sometimes contradictory universe of Steve Mann, a futurist who is both a multi-talented inventor and a self-proclaimed Cyber Luddite.

RealVideoSteve "taming the monster" - a walk through Manhattan, removing advertising clutter with "Eyetap technology."

RealVideoENG and Eyetap technology - Steve shows how his technology can be used to gather news at events such as the anti-poverty demonstration in Toronto.