RealVideoSteve "taming the monster" - a walk through Manhattan, removing advertising clutter with "Eyetap technology."

RealVideoENG and Eyetap technology - Steve shows how his technology can be used to gather news at events such as the anti-poverty demonstration in Toronto.

RealVideoAcademic debate #1 - Steve is questioned about the ethics of his "covert" technology.

RealVideoAcademic debate #2 - Steve is questioned about why anyone would want to buy his technology.

RealVideoSteve's parents - his mother and father talk about how they were frequently covertly recorded by Steve and his brother during childhood.

RealVideoSteve's wife - Steve talks about his wife Betty, who has also been a "cyborg" for over 15 years.

RealVideoHacking - Steve's student talks about how he and his classmates approach the study of computers.

RealVideoWilliam Gibson - Steve and the acclaimed science-fiction writer discuss the concepts of surveillance and "panopticons."

RealVideoSteve's giant lamp - Steve demonstrates some of his lighting techniques and explains the origins of Doc Edgerton's invention.

RealVideo"I wanted to be a telephone repairman" - Steve discusses his childhood dream.

RealVideoVision vs. function - Mitchell Kapor, founder of Lotus Corporation, offers his theory on how Steve approaches the act of invention.

RealVideo"The Making of Cyberman" - Steve offers his perspective (to director Peter Lynch and producer Michael Allder) on what footage should make the final cut.